Get your DISQ
Lose weight, get in shape and feel better with DISQ’s resistance training. DISQ is the workout you wear: a wearable device (with belt and ankle straps) that adds resistance to your movements. Combined with DISQ workout plans via our fitness app and you’re on your way to better results in a shorter time.
DISQ takes basic exercise routines and makes them more effective. You’ll burn more calories and work harder with DISQ compared to doing the same exercise routine without it. It’s take-anywhere exercise equipment that goes where you go. Fire up or set back the dial and you’re working out at your own level.
Learn about who we are and why you should train with us. DISQ's exercise products and workout plans better results in a shorter time. We've worked with professional athletes and proven training principles to create super effective, easy-to-use, at-home workouts. Functional fitness works!



"When you put the DISQ belt on, you’ll feel like a machine or a superhero. It’s the coolest feeling!"

Roya Siroospour, Regional Director Crunch Gyms

"I can't tell you the secret of all Dutch speedskaters, but I can tell you mine. For me as a professional athlete, the DISQ gave me a big advantage when I finally won Olympic gold in Sochi."

Stefan Groothuis, Olympic Gold Medalist

For people with a tight working schedule like myself it is hard to find time and means to remain fit. With DISQ I have indeed regained my freedom in physical training, wherever and whenever I want!"

George van Evert, Managing Director

"We did it! DISQ has officially and SUCCESSFULLY launched in my L.A. group class. Woooohoooo! Not only was the class full, but we had a wait list. Nothing but great feedback from members... they’ll be signing up tonight for next week's class!”

Elle Young, DISQ Master Trainer